“A heart doesn’t change with distance, no matter how far apart we are.” Couples in long-distance relationships often have a harder time than those who live together. Overcoming the challenges of cultural and communication differences only highlights the couple’s unyielding love for each other. We cross half the globe together, experiencing all aspects of each other’s lives. The one constant is your genuine, romantic and gentle feelings that remain unchanged.

泥涌石灘 異國戀 浪漫 婚紗攝影
泥涌石灘 異國戀 浪漫 婚紗攝影
泥涌石灘 異國戀 浪漫 婚紗攝影
泥涌石灘 異國戀 浪漫 婚紗攝影

People having prewedding in Hong Kong usually consider photoshooting in a modern or traditional sides. Seldom couple realize there are also beautiful natural scenes like Shek O Beach which not only boasts endless ocean views, but also picturesque distant hills, making it a perfect location for a daring and youthful outdoor prewedding photoshoot. Hold your loved one’s hand and feel the gentle calm brought by the sea breeze, every second with you is worth it. Capture the love and romance in one of the most beautiful places in Hong Kong with our experienced prewedding photographer.

泥涌石灘 異國戀 浪漫 婚紗攝影
泥涌石灘 異國戀 浪漫 婚紗攝影

We will turn color into black and white, turning it into memories that we treasure for a lifetime. You in my eyes, forever exuding boundless emotions.

泥涌石灘 異國戀 浪漫 婚紗攝影
泥涌石灘 異國戀 浪漫 婚紗攝影

No matter how many years pass, what I love most is your pure nature and the time we spend laughing and having fun together.

In my eyes, you are always with a smiling face, I can’t tell if it’s the sun or your smile that brightens the world’s grace.

中環 婚紗攝影
中環 婚紗攝影
中環 婚紗攝影
中環 婚紗攝影

🌟Prewedding Location Information🌟
【Shek O Beach】
Transportation: Bus 299X/99, or take bus 807B or 807K from MTR University Station and get off at Mudflats.

Be careful of scratches on the car body and bottom as the mudflats can be muddy.
Remember to be environmentally friendly and take away your personal trash.
Limited parking space is available, so it is recommended to visit on weekdays as it may be difficult to find

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