“This is our 4214th day dating, and also our first day as husband and wife.”.

With the pandemic making it difficult for couples to have a destination wedding abroad, consider tying the knot at One Thirty One, an outdoor ceremony venue located in the picturesque Sai Kung farm in Hong Kong. Say “I do” surrounded by the charm of a European-style villa, pristine beaches, lush lawns, and palm trees. Experience the magic of an exotic wedding that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Make your special day even more memorable by choosing One Thirty One, the perfect place for an outdoor ceremony, HK wedding, and western-style banquet in Hong Kong.

“I want to introduce you to all of my loved ones, and in front of everyone, I want to make a lifetime commitment to you.”


Starting today, we’re officially Mr. and Mrs.! I’m ready to start building our dream home and life together, let’s do this!

If love is a waltz, I’ll hold your hand and spin with you in the whirlwind of revelers. I’ll get lost in your eyes, the light carving out your silhouette, forever etched in my heart. The grand symphony will accompany us as glasses clink, and we’ll dance until the end of our days.

Sai Kung One-Thirty One
Address:131 Tseung Tau Village, Shap Sze Heung, Sai Kung
Phone:2791 2684

-Take bus 807K or 807S from Hong Kong University MTR Station to Cheung Uk Village (~ every 6-10 minutes)
-Take Tuen Ma Line to Wu Kai Sha Station and transfer to bus 807K to Cheung Uk Village.

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