A small and intimate wedding away from home in Hong Kong.
Being expats in Hong Kong during the pandemic, they had a very unique wedding.

Ellie and Pierre met in New York, and moved to Hong Kong for work. Originally, they were planning to get married in Europe, but love couldn’t wait any longer! So, they decided to sign the papers in Hong Kong. Being away from home and due the the pandemic, they couldn’t invite their family to the wedding, and only invited their closest friends in town for a small and intimate wedding

Winstons Coffee at Sai Ying Pun
Taxi, a very representative transport in Hong Kong

After a more serious ceremony, the playful couple and group had other plans. Ellie and Pierre decided to head back to Kennedy Town, their home in Hong Kong, with the an iconic red taxi that perfectly matches their stylish cheongsams.

Pierre couldn’t stop whispering and confessing to Ellie throughout the day, which kept her bright white teeth out to blind everyone the entire day!

Tram aka DING DING, another representative transport in Hong Kong.

Ellie also couldn’t resist giving Pierre the warmest hugs the entire time they were next to each other.

It was an unusual sight to see close friends instead of parents being the witnesses, but it was really fitting for the casual and fun atmosphere for this special get together of celebration of love!

Even though there were not many people, the energy and laughter of everyone radiated through the entire room.

With confidence and flair, they marched through their beautiful neighbourhood.

Last but not least, they stopped by one of the things that screams “Hong Kong” more than anything else to mark their special day in their special place in a special time.

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