For couples that move to around the world a lot, it can often be difficult to have a place called home. However, at the end of the day home is more about the people you are with rather than  just merely the physical location. As long as you are with the person you love the most, you can feel like home anywhere.

Michael and Ainsleigh are about to leave Hong Kong, and move across the globe for a new journey in their life. Hong Kong is a special place for both of them because it is where their story began. To remember the times and how they met in this city, they decided to have a casual yet elegant photoshoot at some iconic locations in Hong Kong.

They started the day by crossing the Victoria Harbor by the Star Ferry. After taking in the unique skyline of Hong Kong, they danced their way out of the terminal and into the busy streets of Kowloon.

Michael and Ainsleigh were great in front of the camera. Michael just kept cracking jokes all day, and Ainsleigh was laughing all day.

When it was game time, Ainsleigh had no problem posing, and Michael just followed her lead.

As the night came, Michael and Ainsleigh walked through the busy streets of Tsim Sha Tsui, passing by The Peninsula and House 1881. The night lights of Hong Kong matched with their glamorous outfits turned them into the main characters of a cinematic film.

/Photo @KoodyPixel
/Couple @Michael & Ainsleigh

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