Marriages often happen between individuals of the same race. However, nowadays, interracial couples like Joanne and Andrew are becoming more common.

It was pretty much love at first sight because from that moment, he knew he was moving to Hong Kong, which he did not long after the trip.

Dancing in the rain
The Court of Final Appeal Building

When shooting with this interracial couple, it was important to feature both local Hong Kong flavours and western elements as well.

Since lots of architecture in Central was built during the colonisation of Hong Kong by Britain, it makes it the perfect location to shoot when going for something with a western feel.

Joanne and Andrew met during a night out, so it would be quite evocative to showcase their encounter. That was why we made a shooting session in a restaurant so they could once again relive that special moment.

This shoot at the restaurant is quite meaningful because it means that they would always have something to physically look back on to remind them of that night.

Throughout the day, Andrew was cracking jokes, and constantly making Joanne laugh. It was a full day of laughters for everyone!

As the fun-loving couple that they were, we made sure to capture that essence and showcase their personalities through these photographs as well.

Shek O beach

Other than just architectures, Hong Kong also has breathtaking scenery. Having this shoot located next to the sea and on top of mountainous rocks makes for beautiful photographs.

Standing at 957 metres, making it the peak of Hong Kong, is Tai Mo Shan. The view up there goes as far as the eye can see, which makes Tai Mo Shan a very popular location for any type of photography.

Tai Mo Shan

With our couple high up in the mountains, whether it be a backlit photo, or a wide shot to showcase the cityscape below them, dazzling photographs could be easily executed.

The sun casted a beautiful soft light during golden hours, creating a romantic and peaceful feel which is perfect for prewedding shoots.

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